‘It’s like going over one of life’s hills. Doing something and turning your back on I shouldn’t do that. Just because you are in your fifties doesn’t mean you resign yourself to ‘I can’t anymore’ or I shouldn’t anymore’ unless, of course, you are more comfortable with not doing much anymore.

‘If there is one thing I have learned it’s that people who tell you not to do stuff are generally terrified. Governments and institutions that take away your freedom to do human and respectful stuff are terrified of losing control. People who sit on the sidelines scoffing at your new direction or idea, telling you that you shouldn’t are usually either scared of losing control of you or terrified of taking the risk to push themselves. I’ve had people leave my life because they get so angry, frustrated, jealous or something that I try something new. I have noticed that I often make cautious people very angry.

‘When I recorded this song and sang it, I was going over my own hill. I had to basically say ‘bad word meaning copulate 🥴 what other people think, you have wanted to release your own music for thirty years. Plus, you’ve done the pulmonary embolism thing, you’ve done the cancer thing so what’s the point of not doing it now.

‘But then there are those voices. The ones in the background telling you not to make a fool of yourself or do something you’ll regret. The ‘do something you’ll regret’ line might be ok if your thinking of an act of violence etc., but it’s an absolute bullshit statement if you’re doing something that is personal, respectful and fulfilling your own need to challenge yourself. People that utter those words are usually risk adverse and uncomfortable taking themselves out of the normal.

‘I’ve already had people say they don’t like the songs I sing. That’s ok, and I am learning to handle the professional feedback from people more seasoned than me. Social media gives us great access to feedback, some of it from people with experience and knowledge we haven’t got, much from people who are too scared to try stuff themselves.’

‘So here is a little of me challenging myself. Thanks for listening.

Just Want Your Love will be available on music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Amazon on June 5, 2021

Published by thestevebellprojects

Steve Bell will tell you that he is a guy who remembered he could write songs twenty years after the last one he wrote. But really, he is a very competent songwriter/arranger. Running a professional services company can be very demanding, but then came COVID and Melbourne, Australia got locked down for over 100 days. In between running zoom meetings with his team, trying to understand government guidelines and welcoming his third child into the world, Steve wrote some songs starting with Lonely View and Another Point of View, one a meditative ballad and about being locked away whilst looking out over a beautiful bay and the other a ‘really funky something’. He is aiming for one song a month and insists they will be a mixture of seventies, eighties and nineties type of genres. (He murmurs something about Bee Gees, Lauryn Hill, Steely Dan, EW&F and David Foster being an influence) So here are some songs folks.❤️

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