The Steve Bell Projects

Father, Husband and Song Writer

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Steve Bell is not a bad bloke (we think) who writes and arranges some songs between fatherhood, husband-hood and running a boutique business consulting firm. Like many, the COVID lockdowns of 2020 challenged him in many ways, especially in relation to ‘what is important to him’ and his general mental well-being. It was a period of relentless uncertainty, not experienced by Australians on mass since the world wars. ‘In some ways it woke the country up from an period of prosperity and indulgent. People started thinking they might be part of a depression.’

First, keep up with my new songs and videos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thestevebellprojects/

‘I remember Father’s Day, 2020 so vividly. Locked in a 5km radius with a pregnant wife, business on hold and unable to see the gorgeous children from my first marriage. I remember it was just a little much and the tears flowed. That’s when I penned the lyrics to my first completed song Lonely View. Thank God for emotions.’

With the lockdown came the joy of more time and the subsequent opportunity to write music again after 20 years of producing nothing. ‘I started regular zoom sessions with my technical producer Matt Creedon who reacquainted me with the software. I had so many tunes stored away it was just a matter of putting them down. He had taught my son drums and guitar previously.’

In November 2020, as the lock down subsided, Steve Bell advertises on FB for a singer. He discovers Jen David’s, a Melbourne based singer with what he describes as ‘a rare level of talent’.

‘Jen actually made a lot of effort to make contact. She wasn’t a 20 year old looking to be star within a year. She was an unbelievable, modest singer who I never thought I’d find, let alone work with. She is such a professional’

By the end of December 2020, the first two of The Steve Bell Projects songs was recorded; the ballad Lonely View and the funky Another Point of View. Both songs with unashamed retro feel and tone. This was the beginning of the journey.