Old ‘Powerful’ Men and Wars

I have a theory that most wars ultimately happen because there are a few powerful old men who can’t let go of ideas that lack application in the new world. I also suspect most kids don’t have any idea about why many of the ideas of these old powerful men are important to their ownContinue reading “Old ‘Powerful’ Men and Wars”


I am not a health worker inundated with Omicron COVID19 cases and working in sometimes failing health systems. I’m not an expert on epidemiology. I am, however, an experienced observer of life who has lived in the one of the most locked down cities in the world. I have seen the impact multiple (6 inContinue reading “HOWEVER CHALLENGING, IT WAS TIME TO FREE OUR CHILDREN.”

Maybe the Greatest Funk Band Ever

The first song I ever heard from Earth Wind and Fire was ‘Fantasy’ – I was 16 at the time. It was on the playlist it at our local Sacred Heart disco playlist in the Melbourne suburb of Kew (where we saw AC/DC play live at the local church hall) . I thought to myselfContinue reading “Maybe the Greatest Funk Band Ever”


‘My latest song ‘Just Chillin’ explores the advantages of just hanging out with a person before they are your intimate partner and that in the new world, men that can have great mutual friendships with women are at an advantage. ‘Men have been under fire over the past few years. Many celebrity ‘blokes’ have hadContinue reading “JUST CHILLIN’ RATHER THAN SEX AT FIRST SIGHT”


‘It’s like going over one of life’s hills. Doing something and turning your back on I shouldn’t do that. Just because you are in your fifties doesn’t mean you resign yourself to ‘I can’t anymore’ or I shouldn’t anymore’ unless, of course, you are more comfortable with not doing much anymore. ‘If there is oneContinue reading “ATTENTION SEEKING AT OVER 50 ❤️”

My Way of Defying the Age Things.

‘Ok so I am in my fifties and well passed my midlife crisis. In fact I had about three of those from the age of 35 to 45. It was a fair ride for me and those around me. These days I totally accept my age but stare down the limitations it might seem toContinue reading “My Way of Defying the Age Things.”

Get Selfish About Who You Choose to Love

‘I often say to my children you have a right to be selfish about who you choose to fall in love with and, hopefully, share your life with. But once you make that choice, you must be selfless and giving unless your mental or physical health is being compromised or you are really sure thatContinue reading “Get Selfish About Who You Choose to Love”

What Holds You Back?

There are too many gurus lecturing us about life – telling us what to do to reach our lifelong potential. But I’ll have my say.’ ‘My message is simple -TAKE THE TIME. Even when you have a family or major responsibilities , you still should know who you are and what you really want. SureContinue reading “What Holds You Back?”

Parents that Struggle to Grow-up

‘I wrote this song. It took me 19 years from the time I first wrote the chord structure and melody line to when I finally completed the lyrics. It’s in part about my feelings for my own children but tells a story common to most parents. The story about letting go of your child andContinue reading “Parents that Struggle to Grow-up”


Before you go any further please support The Steve Bell Projects by downloading our first single in 20 years ‘Lonely View’ @ Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes or your fave platform : https://open.spotify.com/album/5Taz0jtIVz5F1xTbVyyiDl or http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1561665055 Thank you …. now read on about the inspiration behind our forthcoming single ‘WALKING BY YOUR SIDE’ to be released on MayContinue reading “‘WALKING BY YOUR SIDE’ WAS A SONG FOR MY WIFE”