Old ‘Powerful’ Men and Wars

I have a theory that most wars ultimately happen because there are a few powerful old men who can’t let go of ideas that lack application in the new world. I also suspect most kids don’t have any idea about why many of the ideas of these old powerful men are important to their own lives. When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested to one of these men recently that this is not an era for wars, he summarised my sentiment.

I admit to being idealistic and naive. For that reason I believe most people want to get on. I have traveled the world extensively and have always felt comfortable in the thirty odd countries to which I have traveled. People have shown me the right road, offered me a lift or taken me into their home. They willingly chat at bars, cafes and street corners.

I am not quite sure why these old powerful men often want to relive days of disharmony and place so much misery and division on others. I theorise sometimes it’s a psycho-hormonal condition. Do something horrific and leave your ‘power stains’ on the sheets of the world. Probably a more acceptable argument is that they obsess over some past ‘wrong’ that needs to be ‘fixed’. Whatever it is they cause intolerable suffering for so many.

Of course vulnerable people often can’t help but allow these men to to hold power. They are convinced that their own food and shelter is dependent on these powerful beings holding power.

So these are my ‘silly’ unsubstantiated views. Just a theory. It’s just an opinion. However, one last thought. Isn’t it funny how these old powerful men are all filthy rich and the vast majority of their constituents have to live simple lives so that they look big and everyone else looks small. Entrepreneurship is for a small few but not open to those who have a dream and want to make it happen.

The world is a funny place right now. On the one hand you have these few powerful old fellows causing chaos and misery for so many. On the other hand you have elite idealists who obstruct the rights of others to think for themselves by cancelling historic rituals and facts for their own beliefs. But that is a rant for another day.

Whatever happened to live and let live?



Published by thestevebellprojects

‘My thrill is to take relatively unknown, very unique and talented singers and compose and arrange retro songs that they record.’ Born in Melbourne, Australia, Steve Bell was brought up on seventies and eighties pop, soul and funk. He was obsessed with Earth Wind and Fire, Bee Gees, Al Jarreau, Gino Vannelli, TOTO, George Benson and, the great, David Foster. He liked class music with rich melodies - a big feature of his own writing today. While at college he played drums in numerous bands, but in his own words ‘wasn’t much chop at that’. But he did have a knack for playing piano by ear and writing ‘kind of cool’ ballads and soul songs. In his twenties he had a part-time role (on top of his day job) as a pop music critic for a local arts magazine, where he interviewed acclaimed artists from across the world. His interviews were always deep and focused on learning more and more about great songwriting and performing. Then he took a break - for over 25 years, running his company and being a family ‘guy’. However, he yearned for creative endeavours and once locked down during the COVID crisis, he started writing songs again. His first song ‘Lonely View’ was written looking out across the local bay from his composing studio and recorded using the amazing vocals of Jennifer Davids. Thus he started the journey of identifying a talented singer every few months and penning them a song with rich 70s and 80s melodies and jazz pop inspired chord structures.

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